‘Elite’ Season 6: Everything We Know So Far

May 19, 2022 By admin

Elite is a well-known Spanish teen drama and thriller on Netflix. It follows the story set in a fictional elite secondary school, Las Encinas, and revolves around the relationships between three working-class teenage students enrolled at the school through a scholarship program and their wealthy classmates. The show was well-received by audiences and critics alike with significantly high ratings for the first three seasons. The fourth and fifth seasons got comparatively low ratings. 

The show explores progressive issues with diverse takes on sexuality and cliche tropes. The latest season, premiered on Netflix on 8 April 2022. As for what to expect from the show in the future, here’s what you need to know:

Whose Murder Does Samuel Confess To in Élite Season 5 Episode 1?

Confused by the cold open and ending of Élite Season 5 Episode 1? Wondering if Samuel and his pals had killed yet another person? Gobsmacked by the body count in one affluent Spanish high school? Well, that was the point! Élite Season 5’s cold open, which is the revelation of Phillipe’s (Pol Granch) past transgressions followed by Samu in a police station, was designed to get us off-balance. As it happens, Samuel was confessing to the murder of Armando. Which we know he didn’t do!

Mid-way through Élite Season 5, Armando’s body floats to the surface of the lake and is discovered by Omar. When Omar realizes he’s discovered the corpse of last season’s corpse, he leans on Rebe and Samu for help. The two reveal to Omar what happened. After watching Samu and Rebe struggle to move the body, their upstanding buddy convinces them it’s best to call the cops. Thus, a murder investigation is kicked off.

The twist is that Benjamín is the prime suspect for Armando’s murder. After all, he had reason to hate the man. He raped one of his daughters, Mencía (Martina Cariddi), and nearly killed the other, Ari. As it happens, Benjamín and Armando shared a wild secret. Armando wanted Benjamín to use his connections to traffic data on the students of Las Encinas. As Armando put it, data is the petroleum of this century. Benjamín balked at this, but maintained two phones and put geotracking on the students for “their safety.” Mencía discovers her father’s secret by accident when she finds a sim card Armando hid on her phone containing all the illicit data he and Benjamín were sharing.  It’s that sim card — well, a copy of it — that becomes important later in the season.

Samu initially offers himself up to the cops to draw attention away from his mentor, Benjamín, and because Benjamín promises to have Samu’s back. A promise Benjamín doesn’t follow through on…

Is Élite season 6 happening?

Élite was originally renewed for season 6 back in October 2021, so yes, it’s officially happening. Netflix confirmed the big news while also posting about the new short story episodes that debuted back in December 2021.

Has filming for season 6 already started?

Filming for the series began in February 2022, so the cast is already hard at work bringing another year at Las Encinas to life.

The shoot for the next season started in February 2022. The production is still in progress. If everything goes as scheduled, we will be able to see the next season of Elite sometime in 2023.