Power Season 7: Release Date, Cast, Plot What We Know So Far

May 28, 2022 By admin

The crime drama series, Power first aired on Starz in 2014. It was created and produced by Courtney A. Kemp in collaboration with Curtis Jackson aka rapper and musician 50 Cent. The series follows James St. Patrick, an intelligent but ruthless drug dealer, who goes by the name “Ghost.” He wants to leave the criminal world and become a nightclub owner. We see how James tries to balance the transition between the two lives while avoiding being captured by the police and navigating his marriage and family in the process of making this switch.

The show has six seasons with the last season premiering on August 25, 2019, with 15 episodes. Here’s what’s in store for the future of the show.

Will there be another series of Power?

Power ran for six seasons between 2014 and 2020, coming to an end after this. The sixth and final outing of Power was super-sized to 15 episodes over the usual 10 installments. Season six was split in half with the first nine episodes airing in one block with a short hiatus and then the remaining six came out. These remaining six became a whodunit as each installment analyzed who could have shot Ghost with each of the suspects having their motives.

Sadly, there aren’t any more seasons of the original Power series which concluded with the assassination of the lead character Ghost. There were lots of conspiracy theories flying around suggesting Ghost somehow managed to dodge the bullet. But all the speculation was to bed when Ghost’s funeral played out on screen with many fans upset at the demise of the character. Lead star Hardwick previously revealed he had other ideas about how he thought Ghost might go out, hoping his onscreen alter-ego would get taken down in a blaze of glory à la Denzel Washington in the movie Man On Fire.

What Will Be the Storyline?

Power season 7 In the story, he switches back and forth between working as a police officer and also running from them. Additionally, James is a married man and you’ll see her wife Tasha as well as their son Tariq. You ll also notice that he’s a best friend to a fellow character known as Ghost. He has the nickname of Ghost because those are typically what they’re called in these tv episodes. If you’re someone who loves criminal-action dramas, then this is for you. Watch and enjoy!

Where Can You Watch Power Season 7?

The original channel of the crime series Power is Starz. But if you missed the series on TV, you don’t have to worry. Because Power is available with all 6 seasons for online streaming on Hulu. We believe that it would have also been possible to watch Power Season 7 on Hulu if it had a 7th season. The monthly price for Hulu’s most popular subscription is $6.99, and you can sign up with the streaming platform and start your 30-day free trial.

Is there any Trailer yet?

Power tv series is known to launch their trailer beforehand and if you re wondering about the trailer of season 7 then sorry it is not there.” If you aren’t aware of the season 6 trailer, click on the video to watch it.

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